関西出身のKana Okimotoは、故郷の大阪にあるデザイナースクールでファッションデザインを学ぶ。
日本でのデザイナーの経験を生かし、2016年 フランスに移住後、オートクチュールメゾンCHANELのジュエリー制作に携わり、世界で新しい創造の経験を得る。
2020年、自身のブランドKana Okimoto-Trabuchetの発売を決定。


Originally from Kansai, Japan, Kana Okimoto studied fashion design at a designer school in her hometown of Osaka.
There, she discovered a passion for jewelry design and traditional Japanese embroidery.
With her experience as a designer in Japan, she moved to France in 2016, where she worked on jewelry creation for the haute couture house CHANEL, gaining new creative experience in the world.
In 2020, she decided to launch her own brand Kana Okimoto-Trabuchet.
While working on the brand, she continues to work as a freelance jeweler for CHANEL in order to improve her skills.