About the Jewelry Brand






Connecting hearts and minds, with a Japanese spirit...
A jewelry brand inspired by traditional Japanese patterns that have been considered auspicious since ancient times.
The brand values "Wa-shin (Japanese spirit)," which is a bond that exists in Japanese culture, and uses the idea of a thread to connect the heart and mind.
The delicate nuance of handmade jewelry, which cannot be expressed by machine-made jewelry, is carefully crafted.
Each piece of jewelry is carefully made by thread by thread, infused with the colors of Japanese elegance and traditional techniques handed down from generation to generation.
Please feel the comfort of wearing the boldness and warmth of the handmade products (Japanese spirit).

It will add a little elegance to your daily life...
With a wish that KOT's jewelry will be an item that brings you good fortune...














Traditional colors that created the heart of beauty...
<Main Material >
・Miyuki glass beads of the highest quality made in Japan.

・High quality crystal glass. With its unique and excellent cutting and processing, it has such a beautiful shine that it is used by French haute couture maisons.

・Natural stone known as birthstone, which is expected to bring good luck.

・Japanese embroidery threads made of 100% domestic silk threads that express the traditional beauty and traditions that have been handed down since the Edo period.

・100% French embroidery thread made of the finest quality cotton yarn, which is characterized by its shiny luster, resistance to color fading even after washing, durability against light rays, and colorfastness.

Since ancient times, people have been using a variety of colors in their daily lives, discovering the world of delicate colors and appreciating the richness of their sentiments.
Using materials with rich color variations, we offer a variety of color combinations so that our customers can enjoy playing with colors according to their daily changing moods. 






Thread-related craftsmanship...
While applying Japanese embroidery, kumi-himo, crochet, and other techniques that have been considered Japanese skills since ancient times, we use the earnest temperament of the Japanese people.
The Japanese are known for their earnest nature, and each stitch of thread is carefully sewn with care, paying attention to details that cannot be seen.
The craftsmen's hands create KOT jewelry with added value and elegance.